Traditional pension offering accommodation in old restored wooden houses in Vadu Izei, Maramureș county, practicing rural tourism - agro tourism, ecotourism and cultural tourism with artisans and icon painters and offers an unforgettable stay.

Here you can find the accommodation conditions, meals, prices, as well as activities suggestions within the pension in Vadu Izei or within the area of Țara Maramureșului (the Land of Maramureș). In a time when traditional wooden houses in Vadu Izei and Maramureș are being abandoned, demolished, used as materials for new constructions, the landlord prepares a small holiday village with old houses from the local patrimony. Being rebuilt from foundation and introducing smoothly all facilities of the modern world, these houses represent a referential location for the regional tourism, within the Maramureș landscape.

Vadu Izei is a locality situated in the heart of the most beautiful and picturesque Romanian area - the Maramureș county. The artisans of the rural heritage carry on the art of woodcarving, glass painting, carpet weaving, trellis. The traditional music and dance have a great artistic value and they are represented within all village events. On holidays, the locals still wear traditional costumes woven by their mothers. The most common means of transportation and agricultural work is the cart pulled by horses, and agriculture is the primary means of survivorship.

Maramureș is a place of rare beauty, with hundreds of years old wooden churches protected by UNESCO, little affected by the crazy rush of modern world...

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Pensiunea:  com. Vadu Izei, Strada Zăvoi nr.689, Judetul Maramureș, cod 437365,
Mobil: +40 742 451 051, +40 745 110 980 Tel. Fix:   +40 262 330 228,